Ted Gioia at The Daily Beast:

Aspiring musicians nowadays spend lots of time at a keyboard — but usually they are making their tracks at a computer keyboard. Judging by the hit records and most-watched videos, it’s probably wiser to learn how to manipulate software and sound files than spend years mastering a traditional instrument. Sure, a few hit songs still rely on the old 88 keys. Adele’s “Someone Like You” or John Legend’s “All of Me” each prominently feature the piano, and both rose to the top of chart. But these are exceptions in an environment in which acoustic instruments are mostly viewed as anachronisms.

In the midst of this decline, the jazz world has gone the opposite direction. The piano has not only survived in jazz, but is thriving. As I look back at my favorite jazz albums of recent months, almost all of them feature an acoustic piano, and pianists are leaders of the band in close to half of these recordings.

On the acoustic piano in jazz.